Step Out And Shine

Clearing Patterns Around Fears of Being Visible & Seen

Do you have fears around being seen?

If the thought of putting yourself out there, terrifies you, that’s ok. It’s just old programming. Old cellular memory, old junk patterns, that can be cleared. 😁

Through this energy clearing you will gain clarity on your visibility patterns, which prevent you from stepping out and shining your light and letting yourself be seen.

If you’ve got patterns of fears around being seen you will not be seen!
Not the way you want to be seen.

  • Does it feel unsafe for you to stand up for yourself?
  • To ask for that thing you want?
  • Are you passed over in favor of other people?
  • Do you have trouble putting out your offers?
  • Does the thought of creating a marketing post fill you with anxiety?

then this is for you!

You are meant to get what you want!

You need to believe this! That what you want is meant for you.

Playing small is hurting you. It's time to stop that.

It's time to clear out the old junk and feel great about being seen! 😁

What you get

In this energy clearing you'll clear all old patterns around:

✨Fear of being seen, and fear of shining your light  
✨Showing up for people and delivering  
✨Putting out your offering  
✨Selling your packages, services or products
✨ Fears around “who am I to do this?”  
✨ Self sabotage with your inner critical voice  
✨ You’ll come into resonance with the patterns that it's safe and prosperous to be seen!

People want to buy your services, programs and products. But they can’t do that if you don’t ever step out and offer them!

What if showing up and asking for what you want was fun and easy?

What if you enjoyed asking for what you want? What if it felt really good, and you started getting what you want with ease?

What people are saying about energy clearing with me:

Kinsey Lee

Spiritual Coach

Amandalee has an amazing gift for uncovering blocks and shifting patterns & beliefs. During our 30 minute session she was able to completely remove a long standing belief that had been preventing me from moving forward in my business and life purpose.

Amandalee also confirmed some past life memories for me as well as provided me with some tools to help heal childhood trauma. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

These energy pattern clearings are super powerful!

 I’ve been clearing energy patterns on people for years.
 Isn’t it time to make that offer?
To create your content with ease?
To ask (or give yourself) that raise? 😁

If you are ready to:
❣️ Help people with your gifts and talents
❣️ Receive money for your services & products
❣️ Make a bigger impact in the world

This is for you!

You can get through this.
It's time to build your confidence, get rid of the scary patterns that say “It’s not safe!”.  

You know what’s not safe? Staying in jobs that are not fulfilling, not going out there to do what you came to do.  

Only you can do, what you do, in the way you do.  

It's time to release all those patterns, and get you feeling amazing about shining your light in the world.  

The world needs it. The world needs you.  It’s time to shine.

The energy clearing is anchored to the recording. You can go through it as many times as you like.

Why you should learn from me

Amandalee Sparks

I'm Amandalee! I'm an intuitive mindset and marketing coach, and artist. I'm passionate about helping high-vibe people break through their limiting money patterns, get a marketing plant that feels so good, and start allowing in more money with more ease. 

I love to nurture creativity. I've played with acrylic and watercolor paints, digital art and now AI art. I believe that everyone has the power to manifest the life they want. I'm here to help you unlock your potential and design the life of your dreams.

Course Pricing

Nicoleta Sandu

Soul Coach

Amandalee is AMAZING! Her energy patterns clearings are instantaneous because she and her Divine Team of Guides shift the energy at a quantum level.  I had issues with money all my life. I decided to take her courses for better finances.  

Since I am in her group things genuinely improved in all the areas if my life 🌺💜

The minute we discover an energy pattern and she does her magic, I can literally feel change. Thank you Amandalee! You are an Angel in my life 🌺💜

What you get:

You get the hour long energy pattern clearing that you can go through as many times as you like
An energy image of the clearing - to use as a top up

How to use an Energy Image

You gaze at the image with a soft focus and just breathe deeply for about a minute or maybe two minutes.
By doing this you go through an entire energy clearing in just a short amount of time.

An energy image is a great tool to have with you so that you can tune up your energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

No this if for everyone. No need to have a business. It will help you gain visibility in your life.

Nope. All you need is a desire to change and an openness to the process.

Course Pricing